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Ever have the feeling you're being watched? Maybe you have heard footsteps or even seen a shadowy figure. You're not alone.


Join us on the Haunted Catalina Ghost Tour to find out a few of the reasons why our town is blessed with so many visitors from the next life.

This walk is about personal paranormal encounters and verified—but unexplained—happenings on our island. Local historians will be your guide to exploring the stories behind Avalon's phantom residents. Together we will explore the true history behind Avalon its famous landmarks, and people. By the end, you'll know more about Catalina than most visitors and a few locals.

We have portrayed any haunting's as factually as possible, and without sensationalism. What we want to do is provide you with the most authentic paranormal information, and let you draw your own conclusions.

Haunted Catalina is a casual one and a half hour walk. The tour begins at 121 Clarissa Avenue in downtown Avalon as scheduled. Please show up at least 15 minutes early to check in. The walk is a flat route with no large hills, it covers approximately one mile. Please dress appropriately. We book by reservation only and space is limited. 

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